Pranks on teachers

Hello and welcome, pranksters! If you try any of the pranks listed on this site, you really should come and tell us how it went on the forums here. We’re always looking for a good laugh :)

Here are some pranks you can try on teachers:

  1. When you walk into the room, run up to the teacher and stare her in the eyes. nothing more. just keep a straight face and stare. they get quite scared.
  2. Before your science class starts, put a cooler that has “Human Head” written on top, on the front table. On the board write: “Class, we will be disecting a human head tommorrow, the sign up list is on my desk for the part you would like to dissect” Actually put a sign up list on her desk
  3. bring a cactus to school. Raise your hand. When called upon say the cactus has a question. look at the cactus and wait for it to say something. when it doesn’t shrug and let the teacher continue. do this several times. get angrier each time. As you leave the class yell at the cactus “i can’t believe you embarrassed me AGAIN.” this is a fun prank.
  4. Ask permission for everything. Ask if it’s ok to blow your nose, sharpen your pencil, use the bathroom, etc. If you can get the whole class in on it, the period will be gone in no time.
  5. Pass a note saying: isn’t learning a wonderful thing? Make sure the teacher sees it and takes it away. When the teacher sees it they will be really confused.
  6. Write F _ _ k on your arm or binder with a marker, and if a teacher (or principal) gives you trouble just say: “It doesn’t say a bad word”. Then fill in the blanks with a pencil or pen to spell words like “funk”,”fork”,”fink”, or “flak”. Then go to say:”you have such a negative outlook” and walk away.
  7. Make a buzzing noise like a bug is in the room. then get up really fast and start throwing your stuff like your trying to kill it and scream IM GOING TO GET YOU!!!! and still carry on with the bug noise. it works.
  8. Get into class, and turn your desk completely to the opposite of the teacher, or the board, and act like everything is normal until the teacher asks you to turn around. Then go sit on the floor.
  9. when the teachere turns his/her back scream like a cat in heat when they turn around act like nothing happened ;P
  10. When your teacher turns around to write on the board every body hide under the desk, then if they ask what you are doing every body reply there are tying their shoe laces
  11. After you get your assignment, do it. Then, tell the teacher you lost your homework, and get another. Get as many as possible, doing them all, and turn them all in under make- believe names.
  12. a fun school prank: get in trouble, then when u get sent outta the room or something, yell YESS! it really ticks the teacher off, and when you have to come in, say you’re having too much fun outside.
  13. When they give you homework, do it. Then the next day, ask questions aout every single problem. Get friends to help with this and possibly get the teacher to explain a problem multiple times. While they scribbling on the bored, feel free to talk amoungst yourselves.
  14. Get some farm animals, paint 1, 2, and 4 on them and set them loose. Wait for teachers to search for the one with a 3 on it, which isn’t there.
  15. Bring a lot of bird seed and throw it around the parking lot and near teacher cars. Wait for the birds to come and crap all over everything.
  16. Get a lot of styrofoam bubbles and throw it in the ventilation system, then turn it on. Should snow all over the inside of the building.
  17. put a sign on the door saying ‘new teachers needed’.
  18. bang your head on the desk (gently) and make noises like “no, stop that, get out of my head!” like your crazy or something.
  19. make weird noises when the teacher’s back is turned. when he turns around again act like nothing happened.
  20. hang up the teachers chair against the wall or door or blackboard.
  21. play sports with old fermented sandwiches or other food
  22. if the teacher checks your homework and you dont have it, fake a panic attack or go crazy.
  23. Say that you have an eye infection and that you won’t be able to do any work or study. If they don’t believe you, say it can only be seen under a microscope.
  24. Change the keys around on the keyboard in computer class. You can also change the keyboard mapping via control panel. Change it to Dvorak or something else that will confuse the hell out of everyone.
  25. Ask stupid questions like “How are babies made”, even if you already know the answer. Then keep asking “why” to every answer the teacher comes up with.
  26. When the teacher gives you a worksheet, sniff it really loudly and say that it smells funny, and ask if you could get a new one instead.
  27. Keep on asking questions, and no matter how well the teacher explains it, keep saying “I still don’t get it”. Get a friend to help you with this one, then eventually you can say “Oh OK I get it now!”, and then your friend asks something else to get the teacher going again.
  28. If you can speak more than one language, pretend you’re stuck in that language and can’t speak English anymore. So you answer all questions in the other language, even if nobody else understands it.
  29. Raise your hand, and when the teacher calls on you, just keep your hand up and stare at them. Or say you were just stretching your arm or something.
  30. When the teacher is taking a long time to explain something that’s actually simple, wait for him/her to finish, and then when they’re done, yell something weird like “But I still don’t get it! How did the dinosaurs die out then?!”. Or you could yell something else like “But I still don’t understand how babies are made!” or “That still doesn’t explain why the sky is blue!” or “But where did Atlantis come from then?!”. Try to ask something that is offtopic, but still sort of related to the subject at hand.
  31. In the middle of class, start singing retarded things like the Teletubbies tune or something. Or act like you’re a Teletubby.
  32. When the teacher gives you a new assignment, yell out “That’s enough! Now I’m going on strike! The labour laws in this place are ridiculous!”. Even better, make a protest sign with something like “UNFAIR TEACHER” written on it and hold it up whenever your teacher gives assignments.
  33. Draw a smiley face on the floor with chalk, and when the teacher steps on it, scream: “NOOO! You just killed Kenny!”
  34. Insist on calling your teacher by their first name, and if they ask you to stop, then insist that they refer to you as Mr or Miss (insert your last name here).
  35. If you don’t feel like doing some really annoying assignment, insist that you turned it in even if you didn’t. Maybe the teacher will then think that they lost it and give you a passing grade because they feel responsible for losing it.
  36. Tell the teacher you will no longer be requiring their services because you’ve decided you want to become a hobo when you grow up.
  37. Every time the teacher states a fact, ask him or her to prove it. Insist that you won’t blindly believe everything the teacher says and that you need proof.
  38. Buy birthday balloons for your teacher when it isn’t their birthday, then sing happy birthday to them and ask what they want for their birthday, ask how old they are, etc. Basically just talk about the teacher for as long as possible.
  39. If your teacher comes to get your homework, start having a fake panic attack, either make it as realistic as possible, or as sarcastic as possible. If you actually do have your homework, do the panic attack anyway, and then at the last second go all like “OH! Here it is!” and hand it in as if nothing had happened.

Got any more pranks on teachers? Post them in the comments! :)

80 thoughts on “Pranks on teachers”

  1. Ha loved this website tbh. :)
    So people of the future whom are bored in school.
    I recomend this site as it works lol. :)

    I use it all the time tbh. :)
    Expecially the computers and the lost bag :)

  2. Oh this website ROCKS!
    I showed my friends in library today and they were LAUGHING. THEIR. HEADS. OFF. So of course we got some looks from our librarian.
    You should be so proud of how awesome you are, my friends and I IDOLISE this site!! :)
    -blisher Age 12

  3. HA ur a genius i love this site it works! i’ve done some of these pranks and theyre awesome!!! ill find more pranks and post them l8er. ha

  4. At a random moment, yell any from this list. Where did you put my condom? I CANT CONTROLS MY BOWLS (bow-ells)(bowl means ass) IS IT TRUE YOU HAD SEX WITH OBAMA?

  5. here is another prank. whenever ur teacher looks at the board everyone switch seats quietly. keep doing this until class ends!

    1. “Pus filler blisters on the ass of society…” How eloquent. Eloquent indeed…if you happen to be an ignorant bumpkin that does not know any better. If you are truly a teacher, then I see why school has become a daily torture for captives…ah, students. It is a wonder you are not working in Burger King yourself, what with your deplorable grammar and capitalization skills. We will simply not mention the fact that your utter lack of regard for your fellow man is appalling. People like those who work at Burger King are part of what keeps society running. Consider that for a moment, and learn how to use the CAPS key. I recieve mediocre grades, and I do not have to resort to crude language. You call those of us who loathe school a disgrace to society, and yet you are trolling a website that is populated by perfectly intelligent people, and fouling the air with you grammatically incorrect, poorly capitalized, and disgracefully spelled comments. Who is the actual disgrace?

      1. People try to have fun, but in a bad way. What is the wrongness of having fun? Why can’t they get fun in a bad way? Why must they do it in a bad way? Consider these questions first before adding junk!

      2. Well look at Mr. High and mighty here. Grow the hell up. I keep a GPA of 3.5 or above or I’m grounded, it goes without saying that I’m one of the most intelligent people in every single one of my classes. That being said, I find this sight hilarious. School purely for the sake of education is prison indeed, which is why people partake in pranks. We all have that one teacher who’s too damn uptight for their own good and makes class hell. For me it’s my incompetent permanent substitute in Spanish. By no means should you ever do any of these to a good teacher, but when a teacher loses sight of their purpose in the system they do not earn my respect. Believe me I have tried to learn in that class, but the task proved impossible (not only for myself I might add). If I can’t even learn something I may as well enjoy myself. People like you who believe anyone who ever partakes in anything against the rules or societal norms are the true poxes on society. Have fun managing that Burger King you said everyone here would work at, I’ll be busy enjoying my life as an entrepreneur.


    1. I hope you don’t ‘discipline’ your students for swearing.

      It’s amazing how teachers tell us not to swear and the call us “PUS FILLED BLISTERS ON THE ASS OF SOCIETY”

      The fact that you laugh at Burger King workers is messed up.

      And one more thing: A “teacher” should know how to ‘uSE A cAPS lOCK KEY’ after spending so much time in their beloved school, dumbass.

      Calling yourself a teacher insults all the real teachers.
      I would hate to be in your class.

    2. Your not a teacher! No teacher would say that in case they are reported!SO GET A LIFE AND DONT PRETEND TO BE A TEACHER CUZ THAT IS REALLY SAD. u think children are gonna work in burger king, the only reason teachers are teaching is cuz they aren’t pretty enough to be prositute’s! And i am still laughing so there!

      1. So sorry for anyone offended by the last comment! I was at the loo’s and one of my friends (no one has owned up yet) said that thing about teachers! They are not all that bad, just normal ppl with a job! SOz again!!!! xx

    3. Why do u get ur caps mixed up if ur a teacher???
      uR JUST LIKE THIS. iTS REALLY STUPID… for a teacher…i wudnt mind if the kid was 6 or 7… but a teacher?

    1. Wow. Your grammar is delightful. I can’t wait until you finally get some sense slapped into your lowly students. What a great role model you must be. I bet your students worship the very air you breathe. I would say inhale, but you probably already give your food that kind of abuse. I wonder what other people think about you. I wonder what you think about yourself. You must think you’re rather “high and mighty” to impersonate a teacher. You’re probably a classic teacher’s pet who thinks s/he’s doing the world a favor by “standing up” for teachers around the world. You’re also probably about twelve years old, judging by your elementry choice of words.

      Well, I have news for you: I’m fourteen, I’m female, and I could go at this ALL DAY LONG. 8D

      1. I agree completely with you until you got to the twelve year old part. I am twelve and completely aware of jASMINE being young, yes, but i dont think you should start hating on an extremely large group of people that are not all the same way. You were once twelve, werent you?

  7. here is a new prank: at any random time wen the teacher isnt looking start sobbing . make sure she can here you. then suddenly start crying really loudly . when he/she asks what’s wrong say your family died

    1. THAT IS REALLY OUT OF ORDER! YOU THINK IT IS A JOKE? Well, you obviously have NOT experienced having someone in your family die and IT IS NOTHING TO JOKE ABOUT! If i knew how to report you I would cuz that is really bad! It isn’t even a joke so just don’t pretend it is!

  8. sit there and write lyrics to a song and when your done yell i finally finished my song and start singing it . and make the song and band name the same as the atucal songs . if someone says that song was already made you can say , yeah i kno ! i just said i just finished it !

  9. get in trouble by throwing pencils across the room, when the teacher gets angry at you and says stop, say, but (friends name) cant do his work without writing material, we need an education you know, and that should shut the teacher up, then when they turn around say, yeah thats right, you better keep walking, in a stupid voice, when the techer turns around continue doing your work and when they ask who it was say it was ur friend and then they say it was someone completely random in the class, get the whole class to blame each other for it until the techer blows up…….MWAHAHAHAHAHA

  10. We love your website it’s hilarious. We were silently laughing our heads off during a biology class

    We have some hilarious ideas:

    1. Teachers always tell us to take our collars out of our jumpers to look smart. Before our maths class, two of us cut off our collars and then put our jumpers back on. When the teacher said get your collars out, we replied that we didn’t have any. Funny funny times

    2. I hid in a cupboard in our english class and when the teacher came in she began to write on the board. She then realised that the pen didn’t work so an other student said that she thought there was more pens in the cupboard. When the teacher went to the cupboard I jumped out the shouted boo. The teacher nearly had a heart attack!!! :D

  11. a prank that i did once is take some fishing line and tie it around a fake snake put it under the teachers desk when the teacher looks down pull the line they should scream there head off lol so glad i did that one:D

  12. I have a prank for a teacher.. When you have a fan that is broken and just pops out, put it in a lost and missing desk (if you have one) just put it there, and when your teachers take a look and touchs it.. KABOOM! It pops out!
    My second is ask a teacher a nonsense stuff for like you know, Do you like pie? When she says something like.. Umm idk…. Keep on saying nonsense stuff and waste time…

  13. im in year 5 and in the dupety heads class i played every single one of those pranks on him now i get less work cuase he is so pissed with me its hillarios i go rosemellin cp scool

  14. One of my friends put a tack on the teacher’s chair, then she sat on it :D (Although, he did end up with lunch detention for a week and an afterschool detention, so maybe not the best idea)

    Get a plastic animal toy or a pet rock you made, and at the beginning of class, go up to your teacher and tell we have a new student in class today. Give him a name and insist that the “new student” gets a chair, or that he gets to sit on the teachers desk/chair.

    Use you teeth to bite peeces off of your homework paper, then tell your teacher you dog ate it. Helps if you crumble it up then flatten it so its wrinkly.

    If a teacher asks if you have your homework and you don’t have it, just say “I dont have it” in a sad tone and stare ahead. If they ask if somethings wrong, just say no.

    In the middle of class, just get up and run/ walk out of the room. You can say the teacher said somehting to upset you, you had to puke!

    If the teacher gets really mad at the class or you, run out of the room ~with you stuff~ and go to the office and ask to switch to a different science teacher. If they ask why, tell them that you and your parents dont think hes teaching you very well. If you see the teacher later, just act mad and ignore them.

  15. why do u have a button that says “confirm you are NOT a spammer” its like asking a criminal if he did the crime he’s accused of

  16. OK, so meet with everyone in that class before it happens. You will all need to act extremely angry or upset with the teacher, and talk to them as little as possible. EVERYONE must do this, or it won’t work. If they call on you and you know the answer, say it quietly and glare at them while you say it. If you don’t know, just shrug. Finally, (this is the hardset part) make sure the teachers pet, or the highest achiever of the class is in on it. When the teacher really seems to be getting annoyed, have him/her start crying loudly, and if possible, leave the class. When the teacher asks why he/she is crying, all of you shug! HAHAHA! I’ve done this and it WORKS!

  17. I have quite a few here…

    1) If you have a teacher that has a voice that no one can understand, then when he asks you something or points at you then copy his accent and say something random like ‘I totally agree, hot dogs rock!’. Another prank for this situation would be to go on to Google and go onto the Translate section, which says what you type out loud (with speakers on). Type in ‘We can not understand you and whenever he talks press ‘listen’ and your laptop will tell him that you don’t understand him.

    2) Before you after break lesson, go in early and stick a glue stick on the ceiling near where your chair is but so it wouldn’t hit you if it fell. When your teacher begins the lesson ask them to come and explain what they are talking about. If they stay there for long enough it will fall on them or near them and frighten them for life!!!

    3) Go to your first lesson 20 minutes late and when the teacher asks you were you have been, look at them warily and whisper into a pencil sticking out your pocket. Whisper just loudly enough for them to here, ‘I have just met an intelligent life form asking me why I am late. I think she means that she wants the attack now. Attack!’ and run and hide under the desk laughing.

    Thats it 4 today guys!


  18. love all these pranks:
    me nd my mate Georgina did this prank on a science teacher:
    me: sir
    sir: i already answered you two times what do you want
    me: HOW DARE U,
    ME: don’t talk to me like that

    then i stormed out of the room
    georgina: u shud be ashamed she only wanted to ask if she could borrow a pencil. SHAME ON U (she then shook her head and looked disappointed)

    i returned 20 minutes later looked him up and down and sighed really loudly then turned my chair the opposite direction and kept my back to him for the entire lesson ah fun times.

  19. look ur teacher up nd down then announce in a loud voice when he is speaking that ur constipated and are going to see if u can have a shit. then leave

    1. how did i kno u wud cum on this website, i know ur my twin brother but theres no need to stalk is like.

  20. bring a bunny to school,when u get to class let the bunny loose and yell “RABBIT DISMISSAL,RABBIT DISMISSAL.”then run out of da class crying

  21. if they have a fishtank, every time they turn around, put a fork, compass, or pig in the tank. I’ve done this all year and no one noticed till now (may 13)

  22. ha my whole class did this :D
    we all pretened it was backwards day except for one person, and before the class started we flipped all the tables and chairs over except one and put our clothes on backwards except one person.
    then when the teacher walked in we all answered the role perfectly yes…yes…yes and then at the end of the role the person that didn’t change anything answered backwards “no gniog stahw teg t’nod i” lol freaked the teacher out alright |:}

  23. this is a fun prank but use “caution” it may get you suspended but hey look on the bright side you get to sleep in lol “Go to the office at lunch time ask to speak to the principal tell the principal that you really like the version of your national anthem that was played in the morning & ask if you can borrow the schools national anthem tape & say you will bring it back early in the morning so they can play it most of the time they will let you if they think your a good student;) now take it home rewind it play it a bit give it about 10seconds into the song then press stop & press record ;) now record what ever want your favorite song,talk say something, or make a swear tape look up all the swear words on the internet just please don’t be racist you can get into more trouble:P

  24. If you have homework you don’t want to do, type about 4 lines of it on the computer, and make it so the first line is black, the second is dark grey, the next is lighter.. etc, then print it out, and crumple the bottom and then try to straighten it out again, and say your printer messed it up. If your mum’s really nice/gullible, get them to write you a note

  25. take an annoying kid’s backpack, empty it, turn it inside out, put the books in,zip it all the way. The straps are on the inside so it’s hard to carry and almost impossible to unzip. do this all and put it back before the annoying kid notices

  26. These pranks are hilarious but there are ways to anger a teacher and not get sent out of class like turning a bag they have inside out while the teacher is out of the class or having all the students leave when the teacher leaves class so when the teacher comes back their like “WTH! where is everyone?!” make sure there is one person still in class so he/she can say “they were never here, i think your going insane.”

  27. If you’re just really, truly, in agonizing pain, BORED, try this prank; take some chocolate, put it in a bowl, and stick it in the microwave until it melts. When you do that, wrinkle up your homework and smear the melted chocolate on it. Then, when you go to class the next day, show it to the teacher and say, apologetically (or not), “Sorry my homework looks so bad; my mom decided to line the cat’s litterbox with it.” Or, if you have a dog, replace the litterbox thing with something else. Either way, it will gross the teacher out, and it’ll be funny to see their face.

  28. To jASMINE: “Pus filled blisters on the ass of society”? How eloquent…for an ignorant bumpkin that does not know any better. Honestly, how can you expect students to ever respect you if you speak to them like that? Furthermore, your punctuation and grammar is deplorable. I loathe school with a fiery passion, and my grades are mediocre, and yet, I know when to use capitals and how to end my sentences. You yourself are the disgrace to society.

  29. if u know ur teacher chews the top of his/her pens get the stuff that ppl put on their nails to stop them biting them that tastes horrible. dip the top of their pens in it and watch their face as they get a nasty supprise :)this also works if you put it round a the top of a cup/glass they have with a drink in it

  30. we have a retarded student teacher named Mrs Kraus and let me tell you one thing…she IS a blister on the ass of society. i would love to try one of these pranks on her!

  31. I changed my teacher’s prezi account name to Heidi Penis and mailed her saying that prezi did it but I really did it. I’m waiting for her to respond.

  32. if you ever get in trouble in class and you are sent to the back of the class, take all of the books and make a fort of books on your desks.its so funny ive done this many times and the teacher doesnt even know what to do

  33. Meow randomly in class while the teacher isn’t looking. If you can, get the whole class in on it. Enjoy the teacher’s erratic behavior. If you can get other classes after yours to do the same, be ready to laugh tomorrow.

  34. we have this science teacher and he is spanish and we juss mess about in his class and once our teacher had his back turned to us den we were whistleing dem wen he looked we stopped



  37. This is one I thought of in the middle of english class, our teacher is really sarcastic so have a sign in your bag that says sarcasum and when ever they say somthing that inst sarcastic raies it and when ever they say somthing sarcastic and they look at you to rasie the sign just shrug and go what?

  38. Okay so this one time one of my friends brought a kind of honk (you know the ones that we use for sports games). The honk was freaking loud… when the teacher was writing on the board, the girl would press on the honk. The teacher was so confused as we did it at lease 3 times in her science class.

  39. I made this other prank last year, me and my good friend decided to freak out the teacher by saying that we hacked into her Facebook account. Afterwards, she asked us how we did it and then my friend totally invented that the first step was to press alt and shift and then a writing space would pop-up and that we needed to write”mother load” (which is a sims code btw)and we then told her that we didn’t want to reveal our secret by saying the other steps. The teacher’s face was legit red! We didn’t think that she would actually believe us haha… we then told her that we didn’t appreciate what she was saying in her convos about us. OMG she took it so bad even our french teacher came a couple hours after the prank to tell us that it wasn’t good to hack into private accounts. When we told them that it wasn’t true they didn’t believed us; here we are a year after and my teachers still think that I have internet special skills.(and btw my teacher whom I did the prank on decided to delete her Facebook profile :S ).. I wonder what she was hiding ;)

  40. Love this site!
    I’m a teacher and get bored with my students on a regular basis. I’ve “accidentally” set this page as a bookmark in a number of my students’ web browsers just to see if they can make my life a little more interesting.
    Thanks a bunch, you’re a real treat.

  41. “teacher appreciation day (Not)”
    Bring to class a few bottles of sparkling apple cider put the bottles in brown paper bags, and also have some paper cups. In class have pass the bottles around class making sure that it looks like you’re passing some alcohol around. But heres the fun part make sure the teacher sees the bottles and when they go and try to take them just stand up and announce to the class its “teacher appreciation day” and bust out the cups.

  42. Put the pic of a sexy girl in your teachers book and on the page that you will be about to read and after he/she see’s it will get surprised and won’t teach you

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