51 Good Pranks on Teachers

Hello and welcome, pranksters! If you try any of the pranks listed on this site, you really should come and tell us how it went on the forums here. We’re always looking for a good laugh :)

Here are 51 good pranks on teachers

  1. when you go into a class say that you have an eye infection and that you cant read or write and if they dont belive you tell them it can only be seen in a microscope.
  2. Conglomerate. It is the ultimate means of wasting useless class time. Teachers while on average being slightly mentaly incapacitated, do have the inherent ability to detect and penalise particular wasting time pranks. However mixing lots of diffrent ways confuses them beyond belief. The Teacher’s physce, again on average, is devoid of any ability to grasp the inert incongruiencies prevalent in our concept of time. Therefore a mere distracting of their logical lobe, can render them absolutly harmless. So gete as many kids as you can in on the act, and exploit as many of the above tricks as often as possible in one class. Remember you outnumber them so use that to your advantage. NOW PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS in classes where you can learn, or to teachers that do have your best interests at heart. I hate them too, but some do. But for those ignorant maniacle teachers who pride themselves on incoherent blather dole out as much abuse as possible. Trust me a well structured time waste of a class between many students can get them so confused a whole lesson could go out the window:)
  3. If your teacher ever gives you 5 free minutes at the end of the class or whenever the class gets LOUD, have you or one of your friends start in a whisper yelling a bad word and continue getting louder and louder untill your to are yelling. I’ve had great times doing this and it gets people laughing histerical.
  4. change the keys on your teachers laptop or a computer in school.
  5. Ask a teacher a question. Like, in health, ask a stupid question of ‘How are babies made?’ even if you’re in grade 10 :P if the teacher says the whole thing go ‘why?’. Then she replies and go ‘why?’ again. And again and again and again.
  6. Have a sneezing fit while the class is silent then go blow your nose really loudly
  7. When we have subs we get people to distract the teacher and sit in the back and prank call taxi companies, kfc, burgerking etc. And when we are finished we yell humbugs and everone starts humming (could substitute words etc)
  8. when a teacher gives you a paper, smell it, and say “it smells funny. could i get a new one?”
  9. When the teacher assigns something long and boring like an essay, keep asking questions. It’s more effective when there is more than one person involved. For Example, raise your hand and say “I don’t get the assignment…” then after the teacher explains it over again say “oh.. okay. but i still don’t get…” and mention something they said. If someone else is involved have them ask questions after your done. For Example after the teacher re-explains everything, you say “Okay i get it now.” and your friend says “wait! what about *this*? i don’t get that part..” have more kids do it most people catch on and join in. It’s funny and it waste alot of time. You can’t get in troble becuase you’re just trying to understand the assignment. ;]
  10. get lots and lots of bouncy ball on gradation or any other time (have friends help) hand balls ot to people who are helping and then after first period (or after any other class time)and bonce on the hall flool and try to get other teachers involved as prank is going on so dont get in so much trouble
  11. When a teacher asks you a question, answer it in a language he/she deos not understand.
  12. Raise your hand in the middle of class, when the teacher calls on you, stare at them and don’t say anything, but continue raising your hand. See how many times they call on you before they get completely pissed, or move onto someone else.
  13. When a sub is about to start class insist that you are part of the school’s friendly student program or something and give every student in the class a high five and if the sub is gulible say you normally do the next class to.
  14. Stare out the window, when the teacher asks whats so interesting say you saw a rare bird or something remarkable, if you have a nice class they’ll all go rushing to the window
  15. Try dancing to lessons, and if someone asks you what you are doing, reply “im practicing”. Dance home aswell, if not too tired.
  16. Tired of teachers locking up bathrooms? Tired of having to hold your bladder till the end of the day? Here’s the solution: when the bathroom doors are open, use a surringe and stuff the keyholes with epoxy glue. Now the bathrooms will always be open for your use, at your convience!
  17. put a noisemaker in the teachers pocket or bag. Then ask them why they are making that noise. If they try to accuse you of doing it, then say it isn’t you, and that it is comong from their direction
  18. Everytime your teacher gives you work to do in class(homework too)say “I can’t ’cause I’m a hippie!”
  19. Alright. If you ever get called to the principals office, he will probably ask u a question like…”why did u do it?” WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?!?” When they do…stare ever so blankly at him/her. Not giving them any ounce of ur attention…this pisses them off
  20. Pretend to be asleep. Pisses off the teachers all the time. Keep on doing that and they will send you to the nurse. Nurse = Home.
  21. If your going somewhere during class and everyone has to wait for you, come 15 minutes late or something and say you went to the Nurse or student services or something. It does work, I’ve tried it!
  22. when the teacher has just explained somehting say y do you do that and keep saying it if the teacher says talk to me abaout it after class say no that wood be my own time you would be wasting and afterall your alloud to ask queastions in class!
  23. if your teacher is trained in the tribes proces then ask a question that will bring you in to the community circle you know the waste of time when the entire class awnsers a question in there own opinion. this works better with a big class
  24. Whenever we have a sub in our HPE class and they have to read the sport groups out we always annoy them. Usually the teacher will just say the first name so whenver the say it we say “who?”. For example if the teacher says Scott we say “Scott who?”. It usually drives them insane
  25. Go to school early, when it’s open but there are not many people. Normally at that time the classroom doors are key closed. Buy a packet of chewing gum, chew some, and stuck it on the classrom’s keyhole. Nobody will have class since nobody can enter the classroom! I did it once… it was great ;-) Or even better… Go 2 hours before the class period starts, when the school is still closed and stuck it… ON THE MAIN DOORS. Nobody will have class until somebody replaces the keyhole ;-)
  26. Write silly titles/answers to the questions (eg. in Maths we were doing Standard Form, so I wrote Pointless Form). Then the teacher will write notes in your book about it. Get into a large discussion about it, and try to change the topic. If you know that won’t work, ask them what the words say, because ‘your handwriting is really bad, miss!’. It always works for me.
  27. When the teacher is explaining something really long and takes a lot of time to explain it and its rather simple, then yell out “I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND!! HOW THE HELL DID THE DINOSAURS DIE THEN?” or ask other questions that are COMPLETLY offtopic but still the same ball-park. Like ask a biology question in a chemistary lesson. I do this lots and it causes a lot of distress in favour of the teacher :D
  28. In the middle of class in a retarded voice say i like tater tots
  29. in the middle of class, sing really annoying pop songs everyone will know (turning japanese, any bon jovi, etc.) really louad and get the whole class in on it
  30. Ask your teachers lots of questions about their personal lives. If it’s a Monday, ask them if they had a nice weekend; if there’s a book on their desk, ask them what they’re reading, etc. The key is to keep asking questions. Usually the rest of the class will catch on to what you’re doing and help you out with this. I’ve gotten teachers to spend whole class periods telling stories about their childhoods, hobbies, families, amd more. (But then, I have been perfecting this skill since fourth grade.)
  31. Every time a teacher gives an assignment yell loudly “DAT’S IT! I’m goin’ on strike!” Write a sign saying: “ON STRIKE! TEACHER UNFAIR!” Get up and march around the room holding the sign, or with it taped to your chest and chant “I’m on strike, teacher is unfair!” Try to get as many people to do these pranks on teachers with you as possible.
  32. Use the chalk to draw a smiley face in the middle of the room and when a teacher steps on it scream “YOU STEPPED ON BOB”
  33. get a fart buzzard and use it behind the teacher. when they look at you, wave your hand around and pretend to pass out.
  34. call your teacher by his/her first name, and then when they tell you to stop start crying
  35. During class stand up on desk and sing im a communist im a communist over and over
  36. when everyone is quiet and working and the teacher is grading papers at his/her desk, go up to the chalk board and lick it (the bad taste won’t last long) then yell with delight, “The snozberries taste like snozberries!” and continue licking.
  37. when your teacher says something smart, pretend to get angry stand up whack the tavle and yell SORRRRY NOW WE KNOW HERE DUMB BUT UR SUPPOSED TO TEACH US STUFF NOT USE BIG WORDS WE DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN U UUALESS OLD BAT
  38. Put red marker all over a napkin, if you have water add a little to make it look wet. Then say that your nose is bleeding and you can’t see straight, the teacher will let you and 1 or 2 other classmates go straight to the nurses office, so you won’t have to get a pass. So you can spen about 10 or 15 minutes doing whatever you want
  39. If your teacher wont let you use the bathroom, tell her you wet your pants, then go to the nurse for clothes and try all of them on, I’ve tryed this one, it wasted 45 minutes of time
  40. a rather effective way to gut out of class is to have a “accedent” and have to leve to the office bathroom. if ur alowed to have drinks in class then spill some water on urself so u have to go dry off. if ur not allowd to have drinks in class then brake a pen and get a googd amount of ink on ur hand and claim it had a leak so you have to go wash up.
  41. When your teacher gives you a large assigment, and you dont feel like doing it. When it comes time to turn it in and she he/she ask wheres yours at…you say i turned it in. and dont change your story and he/she will think they lost it. And give you a grade anyways cause they will think its there fault
  42. constantly ask stupid questions semi related to the topic such as in sose ask something like do you belive the grand canyon was carved by a dinosaur or do u believe in the city of atlantis if u get good u can waste away the whole class this way aslong as you go on about why they think that and that sort of stuff after
  43. tell teacher u dont need to be here because u want to become a hobo when u grow up
  44. Get several people in your class to ‘lose’ their pens. The teacher won’t have enough to go around, and will usually ask anyone else in the class to lend the offending students a pen. I’ve found that if you act stubborn, saying you need a certain color or what-not, you can waste up to 15 minutes!
  45. Whenever you turn in a a big essay or report, use a fork lift to bring it in and say “It required some heavy reading!”
  46. When the teacher gives handouts, rip them up into tiny pieces. 15 minutes later, ask for a new handout because you lost the first one.
  47. claim that ur teacher is a illegal immigrant and if he/she passes out homework u will call immigration on them.
  48. 1st get a lot of tacks, yes tacks. but they have to be the kind that look loke this -D then once u have enough stick them in the soul of your shoe so when you walk on tile you hear a clacking noise. then you can also tap your feet in class to make the noise. try to get other people to do it to. it drove my teacher of the deep-end.
  49. find out the teachers first name and tell everyone…then in the middle of class….someone in the back starts to chant his/her name…JOIN in…TRUST ME its AWESOME. THe principal came to our class because he heard us four wings away.
  50. ask the teacher to prove it every time she tells you something
  51. finish all your sentences with “in accordance with the prophecy”

Want to add to this list? Post your school pranks on teachers in the comments! :)

60 thoughts on “51 Good Pranks on Teachers”

  1. if you sit in a row and your in the front , when the teacher gives you a pack of papers and tells you to “pass them back” hold the papers and just stare at them. when they ask you again to pass them back say ok and just sit there and stare at them blankly untill they get pissed off. works everytime LOL

  2. if you are late to class rub dirt on your clothes then walk into class and say sorry i am late to class mrs.______ i was attacked by a level 86 pokemon in the high grass… but dont worry i used my level 90 pokemon to kill it. then stumble over to a seat and look dazed and confused. HAHAHA! – Bob Saget

  3. If class is too boring, pretend to sleep (That happens all the time) When the teacher sees you and asks someone to wake you up, then as classmates start shaking you, get up from your seat with your eyes half closed, and pretend to sleepwalk. Walk to the front and mutter things like ‘lord Tootentooma! Don’t kill me!’ The teacher will get desperate and confused, and after a while stumble acroos a desk, and awake. Then act as if you didn’t know ewhat was happening for you were asleep. LOL :)

  4. get 3 pigs and paint a 1 2 and 4 on the sides and let them loose in the school…. the teachers will c the 4 and think there are 4 oigs and keep lookin all day when really there is only 3…

    1. Also…if u wanna make things more interesting, u could break down crying when they ask for volunteers to help catch them and when they ask y r u crying say tht yor terrified of pigs!! They can’t send u to the office cos ur too scared

  5. Take small random things like coins, beads. I use counting tiles, and place them randomly throughout the room.( on her coffee, desk, keyboard etc.) Dont let her notice you. (DUH) Then when she/he/it freaks out, act like nothings happened. do this to any teacher, preferably one that can take a joke

  6. My Prank Submission:

    Make a recording of the bell (that signals the end of class) on a phone or iPod. Then, play the recording 5-10 minutes before the end of class. Your teacher will (hopefully) let you out. Do not stay in the area around the classroom, or you will get in trouble.

    The teacher will be feel confused and tricked.

  7. When you’re taking a test on the scantron if it’s the kind where it says KEY and a bubble next to it, color it in. Every scantron after yours will be based off of your scantron when the machine/computer scans them :DD or during a test randomly yell the correct answers in order like: “A D B C!!” or even secretly like *cough cough cough Beee cough cough cough* XP

  8. Not sure if this was said up there or in the comments (too lazy to read ALL of that haha) anyways… In class say you have to go to the bathroom. If the teacher says no, get up, say “who are you to tell me I can’t pee” and leave. Don’t do this often because you can get in trouble if you make it a habit to ditch but once in a while, it’s ok to do. You can’t get in trouble because it’s a right to use the bathroom xD


    1. Tht would b rlly hard to do if your school had cameras where they can see absolulty everything!!(:lol

      1. Dude, I know right? I have even seen the whole camera system once because I was sent to the office and asked to see the cameras in defense.

  10. go cooning or how ever you spell it. basically what it is, you take a stuffed animal and some fishing wire tie one end of the fishing wire (or any other colorless string) to the stuffed animal, place the animal on one side of the room. then when it gets really quiet n everyone is doing work, slowly and try to be descrete, pull the animal across the room. works best if its like a big spider or mouse or something. -jester

  11. good senior prank idea :) get anything that will kill grass on a lawn or something and write something on the schools lawn. i got this idea when the seniors of last year make a huge penis in the snow on the football feild. :) -jester

  12. when the teacher gives u a long essay to do in two days,go up to the teachers desk,push everything off the desk,and yell “how do u think u are” in a British voice,then run out of the classroom crying and hide in the bathroom for ten minutes,come back and say “waz up” as if nothing ever happened

  13. When your teacher goes to the bathroom pour water on their chair and when they sit down it goes all over them and say they pissed themselves.

  14. When it’s really quiet fart really loud and then say “Umm can I go to the bathroom I need to check my underwear”

  15. wake up 3 hours before school is due to commence. have 3 packets of condoms and a few cans of whipped cream. also have heaps of clear fishing line. fill all the condoms up with the cream, and tie them in a knot. tie the fishing line to the knotted end and hang all the ‘used’ condoms in trees, in the bathrooms and especially on the fans. when u walk into the classroom when school has started, turn the fans on. lol so funny

  16. If you have a sub randomly stand up in the middle of class and fake a funny walk. Walk over to the door and like the window and in a retarded voice yell, “Tastes like shnozberrie, SHNOZBERRYYYYY!” lol

  17. I don’t really know how to explain it but, when teacher teaches you about a light bulb or a circuit or a spring or something like that,raise ur hand and ask him/her, “Can you teach us to make one?”.Works better in groups cos the teacher will think you are innocent. Do for as long as you like till he/she get angry and have a person from the other sex of you start whistling (so no one will get told off or whatsoever). Continue for few days till teacher loses mind. :)

  18. I don’t really know how to explain it but, when teacher teaches you about a light bulb or a circuit or a spring or something like that,raise ur hand and ask him/her, “Can you teach us to make one?”.Works better in groups cos the teacher will think you are innocent. Do for as long as you like till he/she gets angry and then you make a person from the other sex of you start whistling (so no one will get told off or whatsoever). Continue for few days till teacher loses mind. :)

    (I modified it a bit)

  19. yo these pranks are funny as hell i am definately going to try the one where the dinosaurs die off in my math class lol

  20. If you have a sub that is very gullible, put a couple of cell phones above the ceiling tiles (push them up when the teach is not looking) and constantly call them during class until the teacher either goes crazy or goes and gets help

  21. Take a laxitive and a round or flat object (like a coin, crusher, back of phone, etc.) now chrush the laxative and put it in a small container that wont leak. When the eledged victim stands up then take his drink under the table(to avoid cameras if your school has them.) now dump the laxatives in the drink and watch the majic happen!

  22. Get everybody in the class to be ready with their bags in their hands and when the teacher is teaching, get someone to make squeaking noise and shout loudly,” RAT ! RAT!” and everybody start running and create havoc. Its really funny

  23. Our class made a sub cry because we would not stop singing Bob the Builder. She had to get the head in and he was showing round visitors at the time. Lol,they were so mad at us but it was worth it. This will probably work with any nursery rhyme!!!! :) xx

  24. So my brother is a senior right now,but when he was a freshmen when he did this. He was in drama class and him and his friends had to duck tape something together so they got really board so they duck taped my brother to a chair. Or they just duck taped him into a duck tape Zombie.

  25. Risky prank when the class is silent and the teacher is relaxing stand up and yell at the top of your voice a swearword and leg it out of the class and lock yourself in the toilet works if the teach is opposite gender :)

  26. Dress up as a ganster and walk into your class room ackting all cool and walk with a limp go up to your teacher a say “yo what’s up bro” an dthen acked lick you dont care about anything for the rest of class

  27. Sit somewhere the teacher can see you, and it’s really obvious that you’re there. Then when the teacher calls your name for the role, just stare at them blankly.
    Note that this only works with a teacher that knows your name (so don’t try it on subs).

    And if you have a sub calling the role, when they call your name say “Sorry, I’m not here right now. Please leave a message after the beep!” And then make a beeping noise.

  28. You will need duck tape, an innocent victim, and a marker (sharpie if you really hate the victim) fold the tape so it sticks on both sides, then get put it on the sole of your shoe. Wait for them to get up and sharpen their pencil or something. Follow them to the destined area, and stop at their desk on the way back, dropping your pencil or tying your shoe. Take the duct tape off and place it under their desk as evidence.

    1. Oops, forgot to add, it will drive the teacher insane, because they will get so mad at the victim and have to clean it up.

  29. during class when you are in a lecture ( note this only works if u r sitting beside someone)Shuffle though some papers and yell to the person u r sittin next to I DONT HAVE IT! if the teacher ask u what u dont have yell _______ I DONT HAVE ______ SHE/HE KEPPED BUGGING ME CUZ SHE NEEDED A ______!!!!!!

  30. While taking a test, if the teacher is walking around the room to avoid cheating, while they look at your paper, cover your answers and glare suspiciously at them

  31. There was a ventalation fan in the cieling above my classroom and I snuck into the other class behind the fan and set off a smoke bomb so the smoke would enter my classroom, priceless and it works at multiple school events :D

  32. Write really weird or embarrassing notes to everyone in the class, including
    yourself. Leave out one person you don’t like and say it was him or her. It’s funny, gets you revenge, and forces the teacher to waste time trying to find out who it is. BE SURE TO TYPE SO
    HANDWRITING IS NOT RECOGNISED BY A SMART TEACHER. I’m not responsible for anything that happens!

    1. That’s just mean if you ask me. Why let someone else suffer( even if you might not be his or her biggest fan) just so you can have a good laugh?!

  33. If your school has a fan put bakeing flower on top of the blades. Then when the teacher walks in say “WHEW, its hot in here” Hopefully she/he will turn on the fan and Boom Flower rain

  34. 48. if a teacher brings water of a hot drink into lesson get caught on you mobile and put it on the teachers desk then put laxative powder in thier drink and if they tell you to hurry up say your turning it off (make sure they aren’t close to you when you do it) trust me its classic i’ve done it before i got in shit but it is worth it. just watch your teacher run to the bathroom evan funnier if its locked.

  35. When your teacher asks you for your homework say you didn’t do it because you want to spend time with them at lunch or breaktime and it works better if you smile and do puppy dog eyes

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