15 Funny High School Pranks

Hello and welcome, pranksters! If you try any of the pranks listed on this site, you really should come and tell us how it went on the forums here. We’re always looking for a good laugh :)

Here are 15 funny school pranks you can try:

  1. make the sounds and/or looks as if your, u know, turned on, as the teacher talks, like the grunting and the sighing type noises and the breathing and if the teacher ask you whats wrong, then u can say “oh i was just enjoying the pleasure of your teaching until you stopped, please continue”. I wouldnt suggest doing it more than once or maybe twice
  2. tap your pen, pencil or hands on the desk making a beat to every word the teacher says, and u can really get into by goin “yeah” or “oh yeah’ or “c’mon” or something between their words or sentences
  3. have a bunch of tiny paper scraps, like really tiny and put them in a thin straight line and move your nose over the line sniffing in like your inhaling (or actually inhale if u dont mind it goin up there)
  4. here’s another good teacher prank – if there happens to be a roll of duct tape near your desk or table while the teacher is just up front talking, grap the tape and hold it under your desk and rip it off loudly. Also, you can try to keep it silent and take long pieces and hang then from your desk and make like a spiderman web or something. As the teacher keeps talking just hold the tape under your desk and keep pulling off pieces. If its the loud noise, the whole class will hear and laugh or be distracted, while with the web it starts out with the neighbors then eventually everyone else will look at eachother or in your direction asking whats goin’ on. Or if nobody tells the teacher or they never notice, just leave it hanging there when class is done
  5. i have a shitload of pranks, bu i have a real funny one you can use at school. if a lot of the class get to class early, take the nail out of the hinges, and shut the door. the teacher walks into the class, and pulls the door off its hinges. this will be a guaranteed way to destroy a day’s worth of class.
  6. Ask the pricipal if he could let you swith two class rooms to teach the teachers a lessen. and the take pictures of the classroom. and the night that is planed ask for keys from the pricipal and go into the classroom and swich the classrooms to look like each other and when the teachers come in they will get frusterated and every one else should laph and the next nighe swith the class rooms back.
  7. Say you have a bladder problem and ask to go to the bathroom and if you want when you come back and the teacher ask say you had an accident and go to the office
  8. when you have a sub or ure ussuall teacher who loves to talk or was in military or something keep asking stupid ??? that they have to answer get several ppl to join in wasting all of class best to do in a subject you hate
  9. hang the teacher’s chair on the wall or on the blackboard, this is a good prank on teachers
  10. play football/baseball with old sandwiches
  11. explode a dung-bomb before class and when the teacher comes in gather all your classmates and protest that the teacher is forcing you to study in such unhuman conditions
  12. hide someone under the desk that’s most in the back of class…and make him make weird and funny noises and lett the teacher clearly see that no one is making them…it really scares them,believe me ,it was tested in my class
  13. gett a tampon..pour red paint into it and stick it on a door…alsow tested..it really pisses them off
  14. go from class to class and sing carols…and ask for money….be offended when u’re not given and asked to get out…tested
  15. at random times or when it’s too quiet…start making funnt noises or act like u have spasms….return to normal and act like nothing happened when the teachers turns to see what’s wrong

If you have some more funny high school pranks, post them in the comments. :)

32 thoughts on “15 Funny High School Pranks”

  1. In the classroom make nosie whith your hand on the desk wile your techers talking then make rap nosies then say to your teacher yu’ll make a good raper.

  2. When ur teacher hands out assignments and he’s turned away have someone pick them all up and put them on his desk. repeat until he catches what’s going on. (usually works better with old teachers)

  3. if your teacher has a computer then put some tape on the bottom of the mouse so it doesn’t move and watch the fun.

  4. When the teacher turns their back throw a load of pens/pencil shapernings/bits of rubber on the floor behind your desk.Get the whole class to do it.At the end of the lesson they see the stuff and ask who put it there. Innocently say that it was already there when you came in and it must have been the class before. If you do it every lesson that you have with that teacher it really drives them insane, especially old teachers. This has been tested in my class.

  5. I have a good one! During class walk in like your deformed. When you sit down (or try to) wait a while and (fake) sneeze /really/ loud then go back to normal like nothing happened. My friend did this to the lady doing his school pictures and before he sat down he sneezed and smiled :D

  6. have all your friends start making darth vader noises quietly through the entire hour. its hilarious how pissed the teacher gets xD

  7. pretend as if u were a drive through guy at mcdonalds,raise ur hand and say “hi welcome to mcdonalds how may i help you”whenever the teacher says something back pretend like she is ordering,for example”oh so you want a diet pepsi with no ice and 12 pieces of chicken nuggets,ok drive to da nest window

  8. Proof that you can’t ever underestimate the creativeness of American boys for mischief.Considering all the brilliant, devious minds we had in high school, I don’t know how we missed doing this.

    At a high school in Montana, a group of students played a prank. They let three goats loose inside the school. But before turning them loose, they painted the numbers 1, 2 and 4 on the sides of the goats.School Administrators spent most of the day looking for No. 3.

  9. GREAT PRANK!!!::::: Give everybody in your school ( or try to ) a party streamer thing.. you know the ones that u pull the string and confetti pops out? yeah, well give everyone one of those things ( or two!) and at a specific time pop them in the hallway! the teachers will be pissed!

    *this has been done 5 times* XD

  10. ummmmm…. just shout the teachers name and when he turns around act normal then get the whole class to join in xxxx :)

  11. if you can get a gay porno dvd (even if its a female teacher) find a paper on the teachers deck that looks like the days homework and plant the dvd in the middle of the pile. not only will they be super pissed but also be confused and embarased XD

  12. Stand up in the middle of class and sing a really innapropriate song. When the teacher tells you off reply : “derp” then cackle madly for 2 minutes then act normal

  13. Don’t do your history homework. Instead, make an inspiring speech “I have a dream, that one day, my fellow classmates will be judged not by the completion of their homework, but by the content of their excuses!”

  14. Go in early before school and take all the desks (including the teachers desk) and put them either on the other side of the school or put them downstairs

  15. during a test while others are still doin the test when the teacher looks away make random noises when he looks up stop……when the teacher tells you the next time some one makes a noise is goin to get in trouble…..then when he looks away bark or scream rrrllllyyyy lound lol trust me this one works done it befor at rhs its sfh

  16. when the class is quit get a friend and sing “pick that weggie pi pick that weggie gurl” hahaha good times wit this one its fun and awesome to c their reactions lol

  17. jump out the window an come back into the classroom and wen the teacher ask were was u at and how u get out say “tha wind blow me out the window” so priceless

  18. okay, so put (clear) superglue all over the teacher’s chair and when they sit down act like you have no clue… it’s best not to tell ANYONE it was you and act like you “wonder who would do such a thing!?” (tested, the teacher’s pants ripped and they cried…) best for a teacher you really hate.

  19. Get a potato and tape it n the class room vent. OMG!ally works I did it myself it really smelled in there 4 weeks and no one could find the source ha it was so funny! ;)

  20. Turn all the desks around when the teacher is out of the room–or whenever the teacher turns around to write on the board have the hole class move their desks closer to the front

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